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About Us

Our people value authenticity, humility and optimism. We love what we do and have fun while we work.

Our Leadership

i2x is a growing business supported by established investors. Such as Holtzbrinck Ventures, a leading European VC with over €1 billion under management, and a key contributor to i2x’s recent € 10 million seed round.

Our founder, Michael Brehm, has founded and lead multiple internationally successful companies in the last 15 years. His last company, Rebate Networks focused on fast growing e-commerce platforms. Within two years, Rebate Networks was active in over 30 countries, and grew to 10,000 people. i2x solves challenges that Rebate Networks observed, namely improving the quality of customer interactions.

Our Vision 

A smart personal assistant for agents and managers to revolutionize how companies interact with their customers on the phone

Our Mission 

Augmenting communication

Our Values

  • Diverse: At i2x, we nurture our culture of inclusiveness, fulfilment, and true balance. We are proud to have a world-class team with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.
  • Empathy & Respect: We have the ability to appreciate, and respond to, the feelings of others. We endorse respectful communication which validates the basic dignity and worth of others, without necessarily endorsing their views or beliefs.
  • Disagree & Commit:  Individuals are encouraged to disagree while a decision is being made, however, once a decision has been made, everybody must commit to it.
  • Customer First: We focus on the customer. We strive to go beyond meeting our customers’ expectations – we work tirelessly to transform call centers to deliver even more exceptional customer experiences.
  • Bold & Daring: We are humble; we are bold. We empower our teams to think big, take risks and learn from our failures. Emboldened and driven by our successes we are not afraid to admit our mistakes and get better every day.
  • Technology & Research Focused: We work on complicated projects and build world-class technology. We apply analytical thinking, use data for inspiration and conduct experiments to find solutions. Our culture embraces data and logic. Research, creating and sharing knowledge is the foundation of our work.
  • Build - Measure - Learn: We follow the agile development process of building a product, measuring consumer metrics and learning from them to better respond to customer needs and improve the product for the ultimate sustainability of i2x.

Technical Plans & Challenges

  • Develop support for more than 10 additional languages, including Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research on acoustic modeling, by building large-scale multilingual acoustic models and ideally solving the “cocktail party” problem.
  • Experiment with language model conditioning, developing flexible speaker- and context-sensitive language models.
  • Create models that predict the probability of a sales call being successful, by analyzing the speech stream in real-time.
  • Build text-to-speech, voice conversion and dialogue management systems.
  • Integrate our system with the leading VoIP providers and CRMs.

Meet the i2x-ies

This week: Mehdi Mahmal

Mehdi is one of the earliest members of the team, joined i2x back in March 2017 as a Frontend Engineer. After two and a half years on the Engineering team, he has recently joined our product team.

How did you end up in Berlin? How did you find out about i2x?

I came to Berlin in 2014 for vacation and fell in love with its cosmopolitan life and the people. When I went back home to France, I started to plan how I would move to Berlin after I completed my studies. In 2017 I tried my luck. I spent a few months saving and made the move - no job, no flat and only enough money to last me for six months.

What made you apply to the company?

i2x found me actually! The company had an MVP and just closed its seeding round a week before. The team was quite small at the time - only the CEO Michael, Teo, and Santosh - they were looking for front-end engineers and landed on my profile via Moberries, I believe.  They contacted me and the rest, as they say, is history…

What is the biggest challenge you have overcome this far?

When I first started I was quite naive about what working in a startup would be like and what challenges it involves. It’s not always about finding the best solution to a problem in the market, but understanding what the market actually wants. The biggest challenge has been to do that while simultaneously building the company, the culture, and the team. 

What has changed the most in the past 2+ years?

A lot has changed! I’ve seen the team grow from three people to 20+ people in the space of a year. These days, we’re aiming for 50 team members. Being the longest i2x employee comes with the privilege of seeing the product grow from a prototype to meeting first clients, being where we are today and witnessing our partnerships with top players in the industry. 

This fast growth also means that we’ve experienced severe growing pains. We continuously shift the way we do things and the way we work with one another, as each new team member joins the company. It creates a certain sense of community when you work in such a people-driven environment. 

What was your recruitment process like?

I had a call with the then-tech lead, which was followed by a coding challenge. I actually had another interview lined up at another company, but I instantly clicked with the small team at i2x and they felt the same, moving fairly quickly to offer me the role. 

What is your fondest memory about working at i2x?

During one of my first few months at the company, we had a team breakfast at the Circus Hotel in Rosenthaler to brainstorm one of our product names. For hours we went back and forth, constantly throwing ideas around and getting excited - so much that we had to stop because we were talking over the top of each other. Everyone was involved and actively part of the discussion, from the CEO to junior developer. It just made me feel connected to everything in the company. 

What is the thing you enjoy the most, what keeps you coming back to work every day?

It would have to be both the people I work with and also the challenge of working in the AI world. Working on this product today, knowing that 10 years ago it wouldn’t have been a possibility simply because of the number of resources required. Having that privilege now is quite something.

For those looking to join the team, what would you say it takes to work at i2x?

You should know that the challenge is more than technical and be ready to rise to it all. If you do, then you will succeed.

Perks & Benefits

i2x is an environment where everyone has the autonomy to thrive and apply the full range of their talents.

  • Visa support
  • Access to the latest technologies & tools
  • Continuing education opportunities and education budget
  • Skilled team members with start-up experience
  • Multi-cultural team
  • Company contribution to personal retirement plan
  • Flat hierarchy
  • Family-friendly environment
  • Company events
  • Dog-friendly office space
  • Free beverages in the office
  • Free breakfast
  • Fresh fruit all week long

Our Office


Voltastrasse. 5 Building 10, entrance 6