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About Us

Our people value authenticity, humility, and optimism. We love what we do and have fun while we work.

Our Leadership

i2x is a growing business supported by established investors. Such as Holtzbrinck Ventures, a leading European VC with over €1 billion under management, and a key contributor to i2x’s recent €5 million seed round.

Our founder, Michael Brehm, has founded and lead multiple internationally successful companies in the last 15 years. His last company, Rebate Networks focused on fast growing e-commerce platforms. Within two years, Rebate Networks was active in over 30 countries, and grew to 10,000 people. i2x solves challenges that Rebate Networks observed, namely improving the quality of customer interactions.

Our Vision 

We work towards a good future for humans, enabling the human species to stay ahead of computers by evolving and cooperating at the same rate.

Our Mission 

i2x̅ helps sales and customer support agents to excel at their job. We do that by providing the most intuitive, productive and personally-tailored learning to improve each individual’s skill-set.

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Technical Plans & Challenges

  • Develop support for more than 10 additional languages, including Spanish, Italian, Korean, Japanese.
  • Conduct cutting-edge research on acoustic modeling, by building large-scale multilingual acoustic models and ideally solving the “cocktail party” problem.
  • Experiment with language model conditioning, developing flexible speaker- and context-sensitive language models.
  • Create models that predict the probability of a sales call being successful, by analyzing the speech stream in real-time.
  • Build text-to-speech, voice conversion and dialogue management systems.
  • Integrate our system with the leading VoIP providers and CRMs.

Perks & Benefits

i2x is an environment where everyone has the autonomy to thrive and apply the full range of their talents.

  • Flat hierarchy
  • Skilled team members with start-up experience
  • Dog-friendly office space
  • A culture of authenticity, humility, and optimism
  • Multi-cultural team
  • Visa support
  • Company events and continuing education opportunities
  • Free beverages in the office
  • Access to the latest technologies & tools
  • Health insurance
  • Free schooling and university in Germany for your kids (including bilingual international schools)
  • Retirement
  • No speed limit on the autobahn - in case you are up for a little kick ;-)
  • Close cooperation with world's best scientific institutions

Join us

We work on complex projects and build world-class technology.

Our Office


Voltastrasse. 5 Building 10, entrance 6